Create!form Designer provides quick and easy document output customisation using an easy to use WYSIWYG "drag and drop" process. As part of the Create!form authoring suite, Create!form Designer enables users to create custom documents such as invoices, statements, cheques, purchase orders, without application changes or programming. Create!form Designer allows you to add logos, colours, formatting, fonts, layout to business documents. Conditional logic allows flexible layout and dynamic fotmatting.

To define a data map, simply select the data you want mapped from your original output, and drag it to the desired location in the new design. Customise font, size, color, shading, orientation/rotation, justification and more. Create!form Designer dynamically removes leading, trailing spaces and blank lines, such as an address block where no data is provided. "Document sets" or individual documents within a batch run are easily defined by flagging a change in value, a page delimiter or any other customisable data condition within the output file.

Create!form Designer features include:

  • Reformat host application output from ASCII TXT, CSV and XML formats
  • Dynamic on the fly repagination of documents
  • Subforms can be created and linked to any number of forms, enabling information such as logos, addresses or signatures to be updated at a single stroke
  • Create intelligent, auto-expanding, auto-structuring tables which streamlines the formatting and management of your repeating line item data
  • Add calculations to document output using expression builder and user variable functions
  • Insert e-signature objects into PDF documents for added security and reassurance
  • Merge preview feature lets users create "proofs" of the final document output