Create!Print is a licence for Create!form Server to allow output to printers. It is available in two versions:

  • Single Printer - one per printer required
  • Unlimited - one licence gives unlimited printers per server

Each output printer device - laser printer, requires a printer licence to be enabled in Create!form Server. Generally upto 5 printers will be licenced individually. With 6 or more printers it usually makes more sense to have an unlimited licence.
Printer licences are only required for physical laser printers in use with Create!form. Where a printer is replaced due to failure or upgrade, a licence can simply be swapped to the new device.

Although printer queues are defined for features such as email and fax, plus optionally seperate processing queues for routing etc, these queues do not require a printer licence. Only queues with output devices connected to an LPT port, COM port, network IP port or similar require a licence. Queues defined for other Create!form modules such as email and fax use specific ports with their own licences. Queues for processing, such as used purely by Director and Transform projects should be configured as a local file port.

How to

Align printed output When designing a form (printed) project, elements can be very accurately placed and aligned on the printed page. However due to printer alignment differences, the document may not appear correctly on the page. This can be critical when producing documents such as Cheques or Bank Giro slips. If items are appearing out of place on a document, then do not modify the project design, unless it is incorrect. Instead use Create!form to apply a correction to the printer. These corrections usually only need to be an offset; however the product also allows for scaling correction if required.

To align a printer, firstly print a sample and take measurements to elements to determine the correction required. Note the correction to be applied is in 'Points'. There are 72pt (points) to the inch. 1"(inch)=25.4mm, therefore 2.835pt=1mm (approximately)
If the image needs to move to the right, then a positive x axis correction is required. Negative will move it to the left. Positive y is down the page and negative is up.

Create!form Merge Configuration step1 Once you have the correction value has been determine, start the Create!form Server console. Select the print queue to align and open its properties by a double click or selecting Properties from the Queue menu. Make a note of the current Default Merge Configuration. If this is one of the 'built in' configurations such as 'PostScript' we recommend you define a new one based on this. To do this click on the drop down and select 'Manage'. Click the insert new button. Give it a name - such as the printer queue name, as each queue can have its own merge configuration and hence alignment settings. Click OK.

Create!form Merge Configuration step2 Select Printer option on the left and enter the required offset values in the fields highlighted. If the printed image also requires scaling to correct a stretch, then enter this also. However if this stretch is in the axis the same as the printer paper path, then it would also be worth investigating the printers feed path, as this could indicate a printer fault, such as worn feed rollers.
Other settings on this page are available but are not required for alignment purposes.
Once complete, click OK and OK again on the Merge Configuration window. Check that the default merge configuration in the printer properties window now shows the newly created one (if applicable) and close this window by clicking OK also.

Finally reprint the document and check the alignment is correct. If not then edit the offset values again until alignment is achived.

Note: If alignment keeps changing then this is almost always caused by a printer fault or set-up issue