Create!form Server is the production server module. This is required for all production installations and forms the heart of any installation.
The system is installed onto a Microsoft Windows® Server such as Server 2003 or 2008. Version 6.4 supports 64bit platforms, with all prior versions supporting 32bit only.
Create!form Server console
The administration console allows configuration of print queues for use with Createform, as well as set-up of licences, logging, database connections and other configuration options. Figure1 shows the Create!form Server console.

The print queues showing a green tick are those enabled for Create!form processing. This also serves as a status indicator, showing a red warning should an error be detected on the queue.

Through the the Create!form Server console, each printer queue can have its own properties, including alignment of physical printers.
The console is also used to configure server options such as links to ODBC links to databases used by your projects.

How to

Keep printed documents for reprint. Open the properties of the print queue. Select the 'Advanced' option from the left. Place a tick next to 'Keep Printed Documents' and specify the number of days. Notes: 1. The documents will be kept for at least this number of days - old documents are only removed from the queue as new documents are added. 2. Do not try to keep large quantities of documents, as Windows could run out of resources.

Reprint documents. Documents that are still on a print queue can be reprinted. Use Reprint Manager to control this. To open Reprint Manager right click on a print queue either in Create!form Server console or Windows Printers and Faxes. Select Reprint Manager from the menu

Create!form Reprint Manager Use Reprint Manager. Select the document to reprint in the Reprint Manager and select Reprint. Options can be accessed from the tool bar, by right click on a document or from the menu at the top of the window. Select to reprint all the document or just selected pages.
If Reprint Manager is being used on a Director project job the whole job must be reprocessed.
Reprint manager can also be used to delete or redirect jobs. To delete, select the job and press delete or click cancel. To redirect, after highlighting the job select redirect and chose the printer queue to send the job to.

Enable logging. Logging is enabled at a queue level. In Create!form Server click on a queue to select it. From the menu select Tools, Log File Settings. Select the level of logging required and click OK. Notes: 1. Minimum logging level, Errors are always logged. 2. Setting the logging level to Errors, Warnings, Success and Information may result in large log files and slow processing. Set logging back to Errors only once investigations are completed.

Environment Variables. Environment variables are used to configure options in projects. They remove the hard coding of directories and other options from within the project code and allow the system to be better managed. N2WEB written projects often use environment variables. Details of how the variables are used are provided with the project documentation.
To change values of Environment Variables select Tools, Environment Variables from the menu in Create!form Server. The names of the variables are listed on the left and the current values on the right. Do not change a variables name, as this could result in incorrect operation of a project. Change the value of the variable in the right hand column, referring to project documentation for available values. Click OK to save changes.