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Network Fault Finding


These pages discuss and cover common faults and problems found on networks. They concentrate on typical Ethernet computer networks found in most business and home environments today. With them you should be able to identify and in many cases resolve common issues found in networks.

Types of faults

Faults on networks fall into two catergories, hardware and configuration.
Hardware faults are those that exist in the items that make up the network such as interface cards, hubs, switches and cables.
Configuration faults are those where the set-up of the equipment in your network is incorrect, or less than ideal.

Common Hardware faults

Some hardware faults are obvious such as no lights on a hub, which would lead to checking the power supply and the hub, whilst others don't make it so easy. This is often a good starting point; Check each piece of equipment is powered on and connected up. However if you're reading these pages, we'll assume you've at least done these simple checks and know what should be connected to what.

Checking the network cables. This is a very common place for hardware faults. We regularly find old telephone style patch leads or leads made from non-flexible cable designed for use in the building structure used as connection cables. For details of cables used in networks, types of, wiring of visit our network cables page.

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