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Routers and Firewalls

Routers enable connection between networks and the control of flow of traffic between those networks. They are the gateways between networks such as your LAN (Local Area Network) and the Internet.
Firewalls use rules to control the traffic between networks, typically restricting the traffic coming from the Internet into a LAN. As these two network devices provide similar functions they are often, but not always, functions of the same piece of equipment.
VPN or Virtual Private Network is a feature that allows secure connection of two remote networks over an unsecure network - normally the Internet. This allows two or more remote sites to be linked. As traffic is routed over the unsecured network from one site to another it is encrypted to prevent interception or alteration of the data. VPN functionality is typically provided by routers and firewalls, but again not always.

As part of it's range of network services, N2WEB provide leading Router, Firewall and VPN technology. Features offered by the range of equipment available includes:
  • All major Internet connection technologies - ADSL/ADSL2+, SDSL, VDSL, cable, fibre
  • Multiple WAN connectivity - load balancing and/or failover
  • 3G (Cellular) support (both primary and backup)
  • Comprehensive and robust firewall
  • Content and Category filtering
  • QoS and bandwidth profiling
  • VPN - remote workers and LAN-to-LAN
  • One use passwords for VPN remote workers
  • Gigabit LAN connectivity
  • VLAN support
  • Wireless LAN, with multiple SSID and device isolation support
  • Diagnostics and traffic monitoring support and tools

Enable home working and beat the bad weather

Most organisations have suffered with staff struggling to get in during the bad weather experienced during 2009 and 2010. Many jobs however can still be done whilst working from home. With VPN and VoIP technologies, your desk in the office can be just as effective when it's at home.

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