green systems

Green Systems

Here at N2WEB we supply, support and encourage the use of Green Systems. Naturally we use the exact same technology for our own systems. This very website you're viewing is running on an extremely energy efficient server. However energy efficiency doesn't mean low performance, this web server is hosting multiple live and development sites.

Why Use Green Systems?

There are many reasons why businesses large and small should consider using Green Systems.
These are just a few:
  • Energy efficient systems directly use around 80% less energy
  • Less energy used means cooler running systems
  • Cooler running systems require less fans or lower speed fans - less noise
  • Lower cooling requirements usually mean no or little air conditioning
  • No or less air conditioning reduces energy consumption further
  • Reduced energy use equals lower running costs
  • Well selected Green Systems have all the performance required

Green Systems Real Life Example

Take a look at a real life business utilising Green Systems. Click here to see more information.


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