Green Systems Real Life Example

energy efficient This green installation consists of several systems providing the following functions:
  • File Server - support for over 2000 users
  • Mail Server - outlook support, webmail portal, push email to mobile phone for remote users
  • Web Server - hosting 7 sites, including 2 e-commerce sites plus FTP site
  • Database Server - 2 SQL servers with several databases
  • Backup services - local and remote backup services for servers and user machines
  • Internet connection - dual link, fault tolerant, load balanced
  • Firewall - with VPN support for both remote users and site-to-site connections
  • Network - Gigabit backbone network for high performance and wireless access
  • PABX including VoIP support and voicemail
  • Site Surveillance - IP cameras with motion detection and recording
  • UPS battery backup - providing around 40 minutes run time for everything
All this running on less than 65 Watts of electricty!
This low power consumption means almost no heat, so no expensive air conditioning needed. This means huge savings on energy consumption compared to a traditional installation.

So what's missing? Nothing! The servers are using high performance disks and the mission critical systems have hardware RAID.

Still don't quite believe it? Look at the power reading below. This was taken on the input supply to the UPS that runs everything. Yes it shows 62 Watts with all systems working. Next to it is the UPS stats. Note its only a 350VA APC model - it doesn't need more. The device information is reporting 2422 seconds runtime - that's a little over 40 minutes, more than the recommended of 15 - 20 minutes. The UPS is connected to the primary server, with the others receiving status and shutdown commands over the network.

  Power meter reading   UPS information
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