Networks and Network Technologies

N2WEB has many years experience in the design, implementation, support and fault diagnosis of networks.
Its portfolio of clients range from small business to multi-national organisations and covers a wide range of network environments.

N2WEB's key areas of expertise
  • Network infrastructure - from cabling systems to backbone technologies
  • Internet connectivity - from simple ADSL to multi-link connections for fault tolerance and performance
  • VPN - Virtual Private Network, securely linking sites and enabling remote worker access
  • Firewall - to keep your networks secure
  • Content filtering - protect your users and prevent unauthorised use of company systems
  • VOIP - Internet based telephone communications, enable low cost calling and free inter-office communications
  • Server hosting - host websites, email communications and other applications
  • Backup - from securing data to disaster recovery

In recent years, we have seen an increase in small regionalised offices being required from all business sizes and have specialised in enabling businesses to link these locations together via the use of VPN and VOIP technologies.

N2WEB technology expert Paul says
"Many organisations are realising that being close to their clients means operating local offices. These vary from home offices to small usually rented office locations for 4 or 5 personnel. These locations however need cost effective means of accessing central company systems and to stay in communication. N2WEB have over the last few years helped many organistions to set-up transparent, secure and low cost solutions to enable this to happen."

All newly designed network systems follow industry leading standards for flexibility, robustness and performance, however without breaking the bank. Few organisations realise that by designing a network rather than building a network can save thousands of pounds. For this reason N2WEB always design then build when starting from new.
Where networks already exist, we will provide advice, often for free, on how best to get the most of the existing systems and where improvements can readily be made.

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