optical mark recognition

OMR - Optical Mark Recognition

Optical Mark Recognition or OMR is the reading of lines printed on a document or other marks written on a page of a document. This includes commands printed on a page to instruct a machine on how to process a piece of paper and the reading of marks written on a sheet to indicate an answer such as on exam papers.

OMR Encoding of Outbound Document

N2WEB provide solutions to print marks on outbound documents to enable a suitably equipped mailroom machine to read these and automatically process the document. This enables large volumes of documents to be quickly and efficiently processed ready for posting. The benefits of such processing are:

  • Fast, efficient processing of printed documents into envelopes for posting
  • Enable variable number of pages to be processed without pre-sorting
  • Guarantee accurate processing
  • Detect misfeeds or out of sequence pages
  • Enable intelligent inclusions such as leaflets, return envelopes etc
  • Support for all OMR reader equipped machines from Neopost, Twofold, Pitney Bowes and others

N2WEB don't supply mailroom machines, however members of our team have many years experience working with them. So if you're looking for a suitable machine and would like some free, independent advice please contact us to discuss your requirements.

CBC - Postal Encoding

Another type of OMR is the reading of barcode type information. One type of barcode called CBC is used by postal services all over the World to enable more efficient processing of postal items through the sorting process.
Printing CBC onto documents below the postal address, enables the postal service to automatically process your post quicker and more efficiently. This reduces their processing time and enables you to get a discount on postage. The level of discount varies depending upon the type and volume of postage as well as the service selected. Typically used in conjunction with sorting techniques CBC postage discounts are mainly aimed at high volumes with savings of 30% or more available.

N2WEB provide solutions such as Create!form that enable sorting of documents, printing of OMR marks (see above) and the addition of CBC barcode.

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