VoIP Phones


What are VoIP & FoIP?
Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) is the technology that allows telephone calls to be carried over Internet based networks. This technology allows low cost, flexible communications.
FoIP is Fax over IP and is the fax equivalent of VoIP, offering similar advantages.

Why would I want to use VoIP?
VoIP enables cost effective implementation of facilities such as remote satellite offices, home working and unified communications. Multiple calls can be handled over a single Internet connection, allowing additional lines to be added at little or no cost. Features such as call forwarding and caller ID which are usually charged for by traditional telecommunications companies are inherent and easily made use of. It also allows the use of video calling so you can see the other person if you're both using suitable equipment.

I don't want to use a computer to make phone calls
Whilst VoIP software is available to use on a computer, most users pickup a phone. VoIP adapters allow traditional phones to be connected, whilst VoIP enabled PABX (internal phone system) allow whole offices to use the technology. VoIP enabled mobile devices such as Smartphones allow the use of the service from anywhere Internet enabled, making your office extension available in your pocket.

I want a real phone number
Using VoIP doesn't mean that you can only be called by other VoIP users. VoIP service providers give you a phone number that can be called by anyone from any phone.

What does it cost?
Simple VoIP adapters start at around £40. N2WEB recommend the use of its partner Sipgate, who provide a service account free of charge and calls to other 'normal' UK phone numbers from less than 1.2p/min and substantial savings to many other destinations worldwide. For business use Sipgate team provides a multi-line virtual phone system.

N2WEB VoIP systems

We supply and install VoIP equipment from phone adapters to complete VoIP based PABX systems. From single line home office to complete business solutions. For FoIP visit our Zetafax page.

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